Guest lecture by Kilian Telschig

Kilian Telschig from Siemens will give a talk in the elite program’s special lecture series. The title of the talk is “Dynamic Reconfiguration in the Real-Time Container Architecture” and it will take place virtually as an online meeting at 4PM on May 27th 2021.


The real-time container architecture does not only enable component-based software engineering for industrial control systems: Components can be updated during full operation despite hard end-to-end real-time requirements — even in case of compatibility-breaking changes — thanks to a novel approach for synchronous reconfiguration. I will motivate the need for dynamic reconfiguration in industrial automation and then present the real-time container architecture with a deep dive on the reconfiguration concepts. Background: the real-time container architecture is an evaluation platform for R&D purposes at Siemens Technology, mainly including my ongoing PhD work.