Guest lecture by Dr. Guido Wachsmuth from Oracle Labs

Dr. Guido Wachsmuth from Oracle Labs will give a talk in the elite program’s special lecture series. The talk will take place in room 1056N in Augsburg and start at 16:30 on 16 January 2020. The title of the talk is “Software Language Engineering for Parallel Graph Analytics”.


Software has become the dominating intellectual asset of our time. In turn, this software depends on software languages, namely the languages it is written in, the languages used to describe its environment, and the languages driving its development process. Software language engineering is the discipline of engineering languages and their tools required for the creation of software. It abstracts from the differences between programming languages, modelling languages, and other software languages, and emphasises the engineering facet of the creation of such languages, that is, the establishment of the scientific methods and practices that enable the best results.

In this talk, we discuss some software language engineering methods and practices we apply at Oracle Labs to develop Green-Marl, a domain specific language designed for easy development of graph-processing algorithms. The language is also specially intended to exploit modern parallel computing environments such as multi-core and heterogeneous computers. The main idea is to let the user describe her algorithm concisely with high-level language constructs of Green-Marl but let a compiler transform it into the equivalent, efficient low-level source code for different target execution environments.