Guest lecture by Christoph Stanger and Valentin Hauner from MaibornWolff

Christoph Stanger and Valentin Hauner from MaibornWolff will give a talk in the elite program’s special lecture series. The talk will take place in room 1056N in Augsburg and start at 16:30 on 30 January 2020. The title of the talk is “Cloud Native und Serverless”.


Since more and more applications are run in the cloud, the need for dedicated architectural patterns arises. Patterns that emerged for traditional applications often fail to take into account cloud-specific properties and features such as resilience and observability. This is where the so-called ‘cloud-native architectures’ come into play: in an overall view, they describe how to design applications specifically for the cloud. Our guest lecture will give you an understanding of the most important architectural patterns in this field. Furthermore, we will talk about a considerable cultural change in software development and operations that was formed over the last five years: DevOps is all about interconnecting the work of developers and operators. It turned out to be vital for the fast-moving and complex life cycle of today’s cloud applications.

In addition, the field of ‘serverless’ recently emerged as a new cloud computing paradigm, allowing to efficiently develop and deploy scalable applications without having to manage any underlying infrastructure. It is increasingly gaining momentum within the cloud community and is even recognized to be the next fundamental evolution in cloud-native software development. It further abstracts away hardware and operational concerns of cloud-based software engineering. Within the second part of the proposed guest lecture we will elaborate on the term ‘serverless’, by providing formal definitions. A chronological view further sharpens the understanding of this industry-driven topic, considering milestones from the industry as well as focusing on academic research. AWS Lambda, Google Cloud Functions and Azure Functions are probably the most prominent implementations of ‘Function as a Service’ (FaaS) offerings from cloud vendors. Nevertheless, there are already a couple of open-source frameworks. The proposed lecture will also highlight the most important platforms, frameworks and tool chains towards serverless application development.