Thursday 09 December 2021

Guest lecture by Prof. Henning Femmer from Qualicen

Prof. Henning Femmer from Qualicen will give a talk in the elite program’s special lecture series. The talk will take place as an online meeting.


Assisted Requirements Engineering


Requirements engineering (RE) is widely considered one of the most difficult and risky activities in software and systems engineering. Since RE requires communication, and despite other ideas and experiments, tasks around textual content remain at the center of RE for most projects. With a daily evolving field of natural language processing (NLP), the question is: Which of these tasks will - independent from any technological and methodological advancements - stay in the hands of the requirements engineer and which tasks will be automated?

Based on analogies from programming and autonomous driving, I will try to extrapolate from existing projects and take a very speculative look into the crystal ball.

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