Thursday 20 January 2022

Guest lecture by Jochen Joswig from MaibornWolff

Jochen Joswig from MaibornWolff will give a talk in the elite program’s special lecture series. The talk will take place as an online meeting.


Green Software


Information and communication technology is both a curse and a blessing when looking for solutions to environmental problems like the climate crisis. On the one hand, things like video calls and instant messaging reduce the need for travel and thereby reduce greenhouse gas emissions. On the other hand, the total energy consumption and natural resource demand of ICT is growing. Therefore, it is in my opinion the responsibility of everyone involved in software development to use these resources as sparingly and efficiently as possible. Ideally during all parts of a software’s lifecycle.

There has been extensive research in recent years about Green Software. In my talk, I will introduce some of the key ideas and methods from this research and make the matter of Green Software more accessible. Furthermore, I will introduce some areas in which in my opinion research is still lacking and provide a personal view on how this could be changed.

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